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Meet the revolutionary Veedeo app

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The most advanced yet simple to use video app for iPhone 5S

Veedeo helps you quickly create short, beautiful videos with your iPhone. It's simple, fast, intuitive and Free. No ads. No catch. Record your Veedeo. Add animations, color filters and FX, add music and your personal message. Share with friends on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Email and iMessage. AirDrop too. Backup on Dropbox.


The power of 64-bit desktop class performance is now in your hands. Real-time video editing for everyone, anywhere, anytime. Create videos like a pro in no time. Built for Apple A7. Made for everyone.


Your video, your music, your personal message and text mix with the animation in front of your eyes. No more waiting. If you don't like it change it in a snap. Make and share unlimited videos.

Veedeo app data layers

FX color filters for the Instagram video generation

Make it quick. Make it short. Make it stand out. Add beautiful, bold, unique color filters to your videos. That's exactly how your video will show up on your friend's Facebook and Instagram news feed. Tell your story with Veedeo. You can make it a colorful one.


Veedeo offers you the power of 64-bit computing with the signature ease of use of iOS 7. Real-time video effects and FX color filters made hassle free. It works like magic.


Add your personal message. Text on video is easy with Veedeo. Share freely with AirDrop on any other iPhone and iPad or impress your friends on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. You can even send your Veedeo via iMessage and Email. Backup on Dropbox too


Watch Beautiful Veedeos

It always looks better with Veedeo

Your great video will turn out to be awesome with high quality animations on top of it. Wish Happy Birthday to a friend, say Good Morning to the world and share how you feel Today.


Add color filters, text, your favorite music and set the tone right. Share on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp with a tap. It's easy and fun.

Editing video on Veedeo app
Editing video on Veedeo app

Add Text and Animations to Videos

Veedeo lets you easily add your personal message and text in videos. Choose one of the beautiful animations and write your message. Done.