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Veedeo app available to download on the App Store

Veedeo App Amazing Features

Veedeo app offers an extensive list of features for fast and easy video editing

Edit Old Videos

Revive your old videos. Add flavor and character with a single tap. Add music, color filters, text and animations

Make Slow Motion Videos

Make SloMo videos up to 120FPS with multiple takes. No need to shoot everything at once

Make Videos from Photos

Create the most interesting slideshow from your best photos. Add music, color filters, text and animations. Make single-photo videos too.

Veedeo app editing screen on iPhone 5S

Make Panorama Videos

Make Panorama videos from Panorama photos up to 16.0000 pixels width. Add music, color filters, text and animations

Loox. No More Dark Videos

Add clarity and detail to your dark, in-the-club videos with Loox. It's super easy

Smart Share Everywhere

Upload your videos on Instagram. Share on WhatsApp. Post on Facebook. Video blog on WordPress. Backup on Dropbox. Veedeo optimizes file size and quality

Veedeo app home screen on iPhone 5s

Veedeo app. Easy, fast, intuitive video editing

Making videos with Veedeo app is easy, fast and fun. Feeling lazy? Load old videos and edit them. Create amazing slideshows with music. Make panorama videos too. Shoot great slow motion videos. Use the Timer for perfectly still videos. Use the huge collection of free color filters and films. It all happens in real-time.

  • Customizable: 22 free FX color filters and 22 films to start with
  • Intelligent: Smart file sharing reduces upload time, saves data and money
  • Secure: Complete control on your videos. You own your data
  • Optimized: Built for iOS 7.1 and Apple A7. Made for Everyone

Instagram Video Editing

Make it quick. Make it short. Make it stand out. Add beautiful, bold, unique color filters to your videos. That's exactly how your video will show up on your friend's Facebook and Instagram video news feed. Add your favorite music. Share.

Veedeo offers you the power of 64-bit computing with the signature ease of use of iOS 7. Real-time video effects and FX color filters made hassle free. Adjust color intensity. It works like magic.

Add your personal message. Text on Instagram video is easy with Veedeo. Share with AirDrop on any other iPhone and iPad or impress your friends on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. WordPress video too. You can even send your Veedeo via iMessage and Email or backup on Dropbox.

Veedeo app home screen on iPhone 5S

Veedeo App. Instagram Videos Done Easy

A sample of all 23 freely available Veedeo FX filters that come with new the Veedeo. You can buy more FX color filters, up to 12 more, to make your videos look even better and unique.

Finally An Awesome Video App

Video apps should be fun. Easy. Fast. Anytime. Anywhere.

WordPress Video

You live and breath WordPress video? Is video blogging your thing? We got you covered. Veedeo supports video posts (vlogs) uploads straight to WordPress blogs and sites.

Auto Video Rotation

Say goodbye to upside down Instagram videos. Veedeo automatically rotates all the videos you shoot. Use your iPhone tripod. Make videos in landscape. They will look just right.

Music Your Way

Adding music to your Instagram videos is not enough. Veedeo lets you select precisely the starting point of your favorite songs and preview them. Swipe to fast forward.


This is how a video app should look. The Veedeo app.

Make Veedeo Better

Veedeo is available for FREE. Get more features with in-app purchases from the built-in Veedeo Store

Remove Watermark

$0.99 in-app

  • Removes Veedeo Watermark Forever

6 FX Color Filters

$1.99 in-app

  • Removes Veedeo Watermark Forever
  • Adds 6 FX Color Filters

Pro Edition

$5.99 in-app

  • Removes Veedeo Watermark Forever
  • Adds 12 FX Color Filters
  • Adds 5 Film Transitions
  • Adds 3 Films

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Veedeo app available to download on the App Store