Valentine’s Day 2015 For Him and Her. Love with Veedeo App

Celebrate February 14 2015 with your favorite Valentine and Veedeo app. The day for the people in love or those who are falling in love is coming up.

The new version of Veedeo app is offering 4 new Valentine FILMS for him and her. Your special one. Your love of your life. The person you are spending day and night with. Him or her that you recently met and means the world to you.

Share Valentine Videos With Your Love

Veedeo comes with a lovely free Valentine FILM and 3 more Valentine FILMS you can buy for that special day. Let there be love for February 14 and all of 2015. Let’s make this Valentine’s day a special one. With video memories to remember all year long. Share on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and WordPress. Add your favorite romantic music.

To get the new Valentine FILMS you have to update to the latest Veedeo version 2.1. Are you ready to express your love with video? For him and her?

There is nobody else i’d rather lie in bed and look at my phone next to. Happy Valentine’s day!