Veedeo app: Make Selfie Videos With Music

Make Selfie Videos With Music

Make the perfect selfie video with music using Veedeo. We take care all the stuff. Just point and record. Add music later. Use the timer.

When making an awesome selfie video with Veedeo app you can use either camera. The FaceTime front face camera or the advanced main iPhone camera. Continue reading…

Digital Video Image Stabilization

Veedeo supports the most advanced digital video image stabilization on iOS 8.1. Also the new cinematic video stabilization on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Every time you make a video, digital video image stabilization kicks in.

Hundreds of tiny adjustments take place in real-time. Sightseeing videos are now smoother. Shooting from a car or bike is now easier.

The result is smoother, more stable videos. Focus on awesome video ideas and scenes. Get creative. Especially if you have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus for cinematic stabilization and optical image stabilization.

Veedeo takes care of the rest; auto rotate videos included.

If you want to shoot jitter-free, still videos or you are into selfie videos, try the Timer function.