Add Music To Timelapse, Hyperlapse Videos

Add Music To Timelapse, Hyperlapse Videos

With Veedeo you can add music to all your time-lapse and Hyperlapse videos with a single tap.

Load your old time-lapse and Hyperlapse videos from the camera roll. It needs to be longer than 12 seconds. Just tap on the music icon.

How To Add Music to Instagram, Time-Lapse, Hyperlapse Videos

Veedeo will load your music library. If you want to search for a specific song you can. Swipe down. Type the song name in the search field.

Tap on the name of the song to select it.

Veedeo will analyze the song and let you select exactly the part of of the song you want to add to your video

Drag the waveform right or left and tap on PREVIEW to listen to your selection.

Hit OK to add music to your time-lapse and Hyperlapse video.

If you want to add another song tap again on the music icon.

You are now ready to share your video with your favorite music on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, WordPress, everywhere.

Learn how to add music to Instagram videos.

Veedeo app: Video with AAC Stereo Sound Quality

Video with AAC Stereo Sound Quality

Veedeo produces videos with AAC stereo sound. The new AAC codec and technology is the next standard after MP3 achieving better sound quality at similar bit rates.

AAC Music To Your Instagram, WhatsApp, Hyperlapse Videos

You can use all the great songs you have on your iPhone as a high quality soundtrack on your Instagram videos.

Tap on the music button, choose your favorite song, select exactly the part you want to listen and hit OK. That’s it.

You are ready to share your new video with high quality AAC stereo sound from the songs you love.

Veedeo saves a copy of your video in the camera roll with high quality AAC stereo sound. When uploading the video to services like Instagram, sound quality might change. For instance, Instagram converts stereo sound to mono sound to increase upload speed and improve user experience.

Still your original video is saved automatically with your favorite music in high quality AAC stereo sound.